Zowie FK1 Mouse – Review

We previously reviewed the Patriot Viper V570 which catered to the demographic that enjoys features like full RGB control, adjustable weights, Omrons switches, and a plethora of programmable buttons. However, today we will be reviewing the FK-1 by Zowie, which is a drastically different mouse compared to the V570.

At first glance, one would wonder why such a simple mouse is so popular, especially among professional players who are known to accept no compromises. The secret lies within its light weight, comfortable grip, and a reliable sensor.


Zowie has experienced great success in the e-sports scene as a majority of professional players prefer what the company has the offer. Zowie is renowned for creating simple, light, and ergonomic mice that offer precision and comfort.

Zowie’s philosophy has always revolved around prioritizing practically over aesthetics and other superficial quirks. The same is true for the Zowie FK-1 which is light and comfortable due to its low profile design.


Sensor3310 Optical
Polling Rate125/500/1000
Button SwitchesHuano
DPI LED IndicatorRed/Pink/Blue/Green
Cable Length 2m/6,6ft
Adjustable WeightNone

Contents of the Box

Similar to other offerings by Zowie, the FK-1 comes packaged inside a Matte-Black box that has an outline of the mouse drawn in the front. Zowie is known to keep a minimalistic approach when it comes to designing and attaching their logos to their products. The same is true in this instance, where they have FK1 written in red next to the outline with a BENQ logo right beneath it in a gray tone. Lastly, there is a Zowie logo in the top right corner of the box.

There isn’t much to discuss at the back of the box since it only has a Zowie logo in the middle with serial codes and other irrelevant information printed beneath.

On both the sides you will just find a Zowie and FK-1 logo with a slogan “Mouse made for e-sports” written underneath it.

The top half opens up and you can slide the plastic tray out which has the mouse secured in a clear plastic cover. I would like to highlight how Zowie packaged the cable; it curves to the left where it has ample space. It is important to ensure the cable isn’t been trampled as it can leave a permanent kink that can not only be annoying to deal with but it can also result in a broken cable.

The contents of the box include:

  1. The mouse
  2. A greeting Card
  3. The user manual
  4. A spare set of mouse feet

The spare set of feet is a pleasant sight as most manufacturers don’t usually provide them.


The Zowie FK-1 is an ambidextrous mouse hence it does not have a shape that favors one side. It has a matte finish that feels fine in the hand while also offering a decent amount of grip. In terms of size, it is regarded as large. The low height upfront with the lack of a prominent hump at the back does not allow for a palm grip, which makes the fingertip and claw-grip optimal.

Build Quality

The build quality of the FK-1 is top-notch; there was no flex or rattle during the testing nor were there any quality issues with the body.

The Cable

The FK-1 uses a light and thin rubber cable which has enough flexibility to not cause any issues if you’re using it on a congested table or you don’t have a mouse bungee. Furthermore, as the cable is 6.6ft long you won’t have any problem if your PC is stashed a bit far way.


The FK-1 has Huano switches which are inherently stiffer than the more commonly used Omrons. If you have previously been used to Omrons switches, it will take you some time to get adjusted to these ones. If you are primarily into FPS games then Huano will suit you just fine, however if MOBAs are your forte than you’ll probably prefer the Omrons since they can be rapidly clicked.

The Scroll Wheel

The FK-1 has a scroll wheel which is great for gaming due to its heavily grooved steps which allow for easy and precise change of weapons and options during gaming. However, if you’re also someone who scrolls the web a lot or your work requires extensive scrolling, you might come to dislike the scroll wheel. The wheel is quite deeply seated in the body which reduces the traveling distance resulting in shorter scrolls.

You can listen to how the buttons sound below:

How to Change the Settings on the Mouse

As the FK-1 is a plug and play mouse, it does not have any software that allows you to change its settings. Therefore, all the settings can be changed directly from the mouse itself.

Changing the DPI

If you would like to alter the DPI, you are going to have to turn the mouse upside down and press the cylindrical button on the right side.

The FK-1 has four DPI levels which are color coded:

400 – Red

800 – Pink

1600 – Blue

3200 – Green

Choosing Between Left or Right Side of the Buttons

Unfortunately we cannot use both the left and right side of the buttons simultaneously, as such you can decide which of side do you want active. The procedure entails holding down the Left Click and Middle mouse button while plugging the mouse into the PC.

Adjusting the Polling Rate

The FK-1 has three polling rate levels consisting of 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. The levels can be adjusted by holding select buttons while plugging the mouse into the PC.

  • Button 5 – 500Hz
  • Button 4 – 1000Hz
  • Button 5 + 4 – 125Hz



The Zowie FK-1 is a prefect option for consumers who primarily play FPS games and are in the market for a light and sturdy mouse. The FK-1 comes equipped with the PMW 3310 sensor and Huano buttons that are optimal for FPS games due to their stiffer profile as compared to MMOs and other games where you have to rapidly click. Additionally, the mouse weighs just 90g which is another factor why it is preferred by FPS gamers. However, in normal day-to-day usage, the FK-1 isn’t that great due to its poor scroll wheel and non-programable buttons. Overall, at $59.99 or Rs.8,800, the FK-1 is a great choice for those looking for a nimble and competitive mouse to enhance their gaming experience.


Where to buy it from?



You can also check out the EC2-A here



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The Zowie FK-1 is a mouse with no frills; where it lacks in aesthetics it compensates in performance and overall experience. The light weight in tandem with the reliable sensor make the FK-1 a preferred choice among professional gamers. Furthermore, it also caters to left-handed people due to its ambidextrous nature and neutral shape. Zowie FK1 Mouse - Review

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