AM4 Memory and Tweaking Analysis (2400 vs 2666 vs 3000 vs 3333 MHz) – Review

By popular demand from our PC community PPG, We take a closer look on memory and test different frequencies, benchmarks and games and check memory scaling on AM4 platform. When the Ryzen first-gen was launched it was tough to hit 3200MHz but thanks to AMD they pushed micro-code updates and fixed the memory compatibility issues. A lot has been said about Ryzen 7 that it lacks a little in 1080p gaming situtation when paired with a high-end graphics-card because there were some limitations in AM4 architecture and had memory compatibility issues. Today we will test all the main frequencies and overclock and see how much it improves the performance. We will be testing Corsair CL-15 3000MHz KIT Hynix Die on Ryzen 7 1700 overclocked at 3.9GHz paired with GTX 1080Ti. Shall we begin?


  • Ryzen 7 1700 @3.9
  • MSI X370 Gaming PRO Carbon (BIOS 1.G0)
  • Zotac Amp Extreme! GTX 1080Ti (PW 50+)
  • ANTEC HCG 750W+ GOLD Certified
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB LED C15 16GB 3000MHz

Memory and Frequency – Timings

  • Since our kit is CL-15 3000MHz i’ll test on 2400,2666 and 3000 with basic timings (XMP rated) It’s 15-17-17-35 at 1.2V
  • Successfully overclocked the memory to 3333MHz with slightly lose timings and more voltage, 16-18-18-39 at 1.4V. It didn’t boot at 3333MHz with XMP timings so i had to use DRAM calculator to get the estimate timings and surprisingly it worked. All Frequencies are tested at 1T CR.

Softwares and Games We Used

  •  Cinebench R15
  •  Blender BMW
  •  3D Mark: Time SPY
  •  3D Mark: Firestrike
  •  Aida 64 Cache,Memory,Latency Benchmark
  •  MSI After Burner for the FPS and Benchmarks
  •  Windows 10 1809 Build V. 17763.07


  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Far Cry 5
  • Battlefield 5
  • Far Cry New Dawn
  • Metro Exodus
  • Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
  • CSGO



We’re looking at massive boost of almost 10CB going 30000 to 3333MHz which is impressive and 20CB increase from 2666MHz. Single-core is almost identical and 2400MHz is left at the bottom as we expected.


  Time Spy is a famous benchmark from 3D Mark built on DX12 API, Here we’re seeing nice boost in CPU scores. 700+ score difference going from slowest to fastest how-ever 3000MHz is very close to the 3333MHz in this chart.


Firestrike is a famous over-all benchmark for your PC, here we’re seeing almost same from 2666 to 3333MHz.

Aida 64 Memory Benchmark Read/Write/Copy

Here we’re calculating some impressive numbers, 3333MHz is leading by 10% in READ speed from 3000MHz and 14% boost from 2666MHz, also the jump in write and copy speed is so big. Well it’s obvious, of-course the fast-memory will give better performance in read and write.

Aida 64 Latency

Latency is the real test for Ryzen because of infinity-fabric it play important role in over-all performance, The gap is not very big from 3000Mhz to 3333MHz only 6ns difference but better is better that’s 7% reduction in latency and 13% reduction from 2666MHz. These numbers are really impressive. We expect the same numbers from gaming results as well.

Blender BMW

Blender BMW benchmark is famous stress-test for your CPU (Technically), It’s heavily CPU dependent program only scale well in more cores/threads, the difference is almost same by going slowest to fastest frequency doesn’t matter if you have 2400MHz or 3333MHz you will see really minor difference only couple of seconds in over-all testing.


We picked 7 titles and tested them at 1080p/1440p, we also reduced the in-game settings and made the games more CPU/RAM bound you will be impressed after seeing 1% lows. So let’s begin folks.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 

This game is heavily CPU bound title, how-ever we’re still facing CPU bottleneck in this title at 1080p, but RAM’s are playing nice in this game. 10% improvement in minimum frames from 3000MHz to 3333MHz and leading by 1 FPS.

I expected identical results, but things are scaling well here. However lows are very close to each other because we reduced the CPU bottleneck and made it little GPU bound by pushing to 1440p, but still 11 FPS boost from 2666 to 3333MHz at 1440p. Which is nice.


Built on Dunia Engine, which is AMD optimized. However Far-Cry 5 is not poor optimized like AC:Odyssey yet we’re still seeing nice gains we were getting some sort of CPU bottleneck in this game on Ryzen, GTX 1080Ti was not fully utilized how-ever the results are not bad. Our top-leading ram scored solid 101 FPS average.

Battlefield V


Battlefield 5 is good title for CPU benchmark because it scales really well with core/thread count. However for the rams, it wasn’t the case here. scores are almost identical. 3000MHz to 3333Mhz there is no difference what’s so ever.


Again UBISOFT choosed same dunia-engine same as far-cry 5 so don’t expect different results, 7 FPS performance boost from 3000MHz and min frames are also impressive.

Metro Exodus

Getting expected results in this title, This game really loves high-frequency from CPU and RAM both we’re getting better average but minimum’s are almost identical.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

So far, in this game the memory is really scaling well as compared with other games 3333MHz crushing 345 FPS average, 28 FPS faster than 3000MHz. Biggest performance impact i’ve ever seen, being a CSGO player 300 FPS is must. so if you’re CSGO player make sure you pick a fast-memory.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (SOTTR)

Impressive 10 FPS gains. However we’re not sure 2400MHz getting better 1% Low than 2666MHz. Tested this game twice results were same in game play results would be not very noticeable. So think about average, 3333MHz is again leading at 1080p but the GAP has been reduced on 2K.

Final Thoughts

When First-Gen Ryzen was launched, I was getting memory compatibility issues and stablity but thanks to motherboard manufacturers and AMD they pushed the micro-code AGESA updates. Ryzen is memory frequency dependant, it is hungry for bandwidth and lower latency. We noticed noticeable performance jump in our over-all testings. We tested 2400 to 3000 at XMP timings, we further tuned it and overclocked at 3333MHz at slightly more timings and voltage but it was worth it. I was not able to boot at XMP timings so therefore i decided to lose the timings . We were seeing average 5-7% performance boost over 3000MHz. We also noticed better 1% lows with our fast-frequency memory, one thing is clear, fast-memory enhances the over-all difference so folks don’t cheap out on RAMS and 3000MHz is the sweet-spot for gamers, but we’re seeing down-fall in RAM prices i’d recommend go for the 3200 MHZ at least and tune it further with Ryzen DRAM calculator it’s a great tool and helped me all the way long. If possible try to get lower cas-memory like samsung B-DIE C14 they can be overclocked really well on AM4 as compared to HYNIX memory. 🙂 Peace, and remember Don’t Cheap Out on RAMS.






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