RTX 3060 Is Already In Pakistan! Don’t Buy One Though

Thrift.pk Stock Image of 3060

The launch of the RTX 3060 is right around the corner and we can’t wait! We all get a little excited sometimes; it gets hard to not want to tear open the presents under the Christmas tree. From the looks of things though, some retailers really don’t know the meaning of “being patient”. Neither do they get the concept of “being reasonable.”

ZAH Computers Listing of a PALIT RTX 3060

ZAH Computers, a popular tech shop for buying monitors and other computer related accessories from in Pakistan, has brought in PALIT RTX 3060 cards before the official launch date. How did they do it? Well, they are the official dealers (OD for short) after all. It’s not news that ODs get their hands on cards ahead of time. Big sellers like Newegg, Amazon, and Micro Center always have cards in warehouse before launch. However, having the card in a store room doesn’t mean you’re allowed to sell it yet.

ZAH Computers Sale of PALIT RTX 3060
ZAH Computers Presenting a sale of their RTX 3060 cards.

Now, to put it into perspective, before launch there is an embargo on the selling of these cards. ODs are NOT ALLOWED to sell these cards before time, lest incurring heavy penalties. This is also a severe breach of the NDA that these ODs have with companies. That said, it’s pretty brave of ZAH Computers to be selling these 3060’s the way they are. Even braver still, they are selling them at OVER TWICE THE MSRP. That’s right folks the OD is selling you a card for well over twice the price. However, we do understand the current situation in the market due to a plethora of reasons, which is why we can expect the cards to cost a significant margin over the MSRP but is $750 instead of $330 really justified. This is not for us to judge, as they only way to vote towards a narrative is by using your wallet.

But why would I pay that much for a PALIT RTX 3060? Why don’t I just get it from somewhere else? Well, if you live in Pakistan your out of luck. Who else are you going to get a card from? Thrift.pk? Cause guess what, they’re doing the same thing!

thrift.pk post picture Pakistan PC Gamers
Thrift.pk Sharing Kind Sentiments and Showing Stock

Surely there must be a good justification behind such gross overselling of these cards. Well, I’m delighted to say there is! The owner of the famous online store Thrift has made a statement on the prices of the RTX 3060 cards that he is selling at $750. In a post on Reddit he has given his response.

Thrift.pk’s Owner Under the Alias Maltaze

The funniest thing here is that he claims to be getting the cards from somewhere. No country would breach an NDA to be selling a card to a reseller to scalp it in Pakistan. The credibility of this story has yet to be ascertained. In fairness, Thrift.pk does not claim to be an OD so at least that’s something. This behavior, however, is something that needs to stop. Sellers claim that they are being left with no choice after the customs duties and freight payments that need to be made. If that’s true then the sellers should just be forward about what they pay ABOVE the cost of the card, not the price of the card itself which is fair to them.

Companies give reliefs and they account for the cost of freight.

Though, Graphics cards prices, especially the RTX 3000 series, are in for a tough time. To find out more, read our piece on the new Tariffs here!

Our friends at Wccftech have also covered the story, if you want to see their take on it!


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