Intel Power-Efficient 35-Watt Core i9-9900T Appears Online


Another addition to the Coffee-lake-S Line-up. Intel is readying power efficient Intel i9 9900T which is running at 35-Watt. Reportedly It was up for the Auction on Yahoo! few days ago. However our leak suggests this would be the another refresh from Intel. Engineer samples are already out for the early testers.

The IHS in the picture reveals Intel i9-9900T codename (QQC0) running at 1.7GHz on base-clock. The maximum turbo frequency for one core is 3.8 GHz for all cores – 3.3 GHz, as the matter of the price, The high-end and unlocked Core i9-9900K cost between $488 and $499 and the Intel i9 9900KF (lacks the IGPU) retails for $499. It was listed for (35,000 yen) on auction, roughly USD 320. We expect Intel will launch this processor at $299-289.


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