EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Black 8 GB Performance – Review


Today, we review the latest EVGA Black RTX 2070 based on latest Turing architecture. With GeForce 20 series, Nvidia has taken things a step further by adding some breath-taking features like NVIDIA’s very own ray-tracing known as RTX. Nvidia has added RT cores as for that as well as Tensor Cores for (AI) for the DLSS but it’s mostly about ray-tracing. RTX 2070 Founders Edition comes in at $599, with standard MSRP at $499. The RTX 2070 is built on its own GPU, TU106 GPU. EVGA is one of Nvidia’s largest partners, and it’s ACX cooling setup has proved capable over the years EVGA’s RTX 2070 Black comes with a dual-slot, dual-fan cooler, but lacks an overclock out of the box. It only has a single 8-pin PEG connector, and it’s an 8-phase power design. That’s enough for 225W with the x16 slot’s 75W and shouldn’t be too limiting. We will be testing this GPU against mighty GTX 1080Ti since we don’t have any other variants for the tests. We’re focusing on performance numbers only, I’m not going any deeper for the deep analysis of the Turing-Architecture and DLSS and RTX that how it works and where it belongs but we have included RTX benchmarks and some DLSS benchmarks as well.

EVGA RTX 2070 Black Edition Specification

  • 2304 CUDA Cores
  • 1620 MHz Boost Clock on Core
  • Texture Fill Rate 233.3GT/s
  • 8192 MB Memory, 256 BIT GDDR6 14000 (Effective)
  • Memory Bandwidth 448GB/s
  • Output DP x 3, HDMI, USB Type-C
  • Resolution and Refresh Max Digital 7680×4320
  • Power Requirement Minimum 550W (Single 8-Pin Required)
  • Power Draw: 175W


  • Ryzen 7 1700 Overclocked @3.9
  • MSI X370 Gaming PRO Carbon (BIOS 1.G0)
  • Zotac Amp Extreme! GTX 1080Ti (PW 50+)
  • EVGA RTX 2070 Black Edition (PW 50+)
  • ANTEC HCG 750W+ GOLD Certified
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB LED C15 16GB 3000 MHz overclocked at 3200MHz at tight timings ( 14-17-17-30 )

Softwares We Used

  • 3D Mark: Time SPY
  • 3D Mark: Firestrike
  • 3D Mark: Firestrike Ultra
  • 3D Mark: Port Royal [RTX]
  • Unigine Super Position

OS and GPU drivers We Used

  •  OS: Windows 10 1809 Build V. 17763.07
  •  Game Ready 419 WHQL

Games Tested

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Hitman 2
  • Far Cry 5
  • Battlefield 5 (RTX + DLSS also tested)
  • Metro Exodus (RTX + DLSS also tested)
  • Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Testing Notes

All the tests have been tested on RTX 2070 and GTX 1080Ti on the same configuration with just power-limit max. 
We've only added 1440p/2160p benchmarks at High settings and Ultra settings in some games. 
We've also tested ray-tracing in Battlfield V and Metro Exodus and also included the DLSS benchmarks. 
FPS are recorded with MSI After-burner via RTSS for the accurate results not the built-in game benchmark

Let’s start with synthetics benchmarks!

Firestrike & Firestrike Ultra
We will start with the 3D Mark famous Fire Strike benchmark. 3D Mark have been putting a lot of hardwork in their engine to make the benchmark more stable and accurate. our stock Zotac AMP Extreme GTX 1080Ti beating EVGA RTX 2070 Black Edition by a 22% in GPU scores and 27% more faster in Fire Strike Ultra. It’s a huge-win for GTX 1080Ti.


We’re testing another famous DX-12 Benchmark tool by 3D Mark, In this test GTX 1080Ti is again leading by 12%. The GAP is getting closer for turing in DX12 benchmark.

Port Royal RTX

Port Royal is new 3D Mark benchmark made for turing RTX based cards exclusively how-ever our RTX 2070 scoring 4769 in graphics-score.

Ungine Super Position

Super Position is the latest installment from the famous Valley Benchmark developers. We tested 1080p Extreme Preset and 4K Optimized Preset on both cards. GTX 1080Ti is leading by 10% in 1080p Extreme and healthy 27% in 4K Optimized. GTX 1080Ti is scaling well at higher-resolution.


We’re going to kick things off with a look at Assassin’s Creed : Odyssey. The Ubisoft latest installment of Assassin’s Creed. AC Odyssey is known for CPU and GPU both. GTX 1080Ti is 9 FPS faster than RTX 2070 at 1440p and has better 1% lows as well.  RTX 2070 is doing great job at 4K but still slower than GTX 1080Ti by 5 FPS and mins are identical.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey High Preset 1440p/2160p

Assassin’s Creed Origins Very High Preset 1440p / 2160p

For the second game test, we picked the Assassin’s Creed Origins, here the RTX 2070 was a wisker slower than the GTX 1080Ti at 1440p by 7.5% and same-story at the 4K as well. Though we have better mins at 4K with GTX 1080Ti. Impressive 4K results for RTX 2070 again.

Battlefield V Ultra Preset DX11 1440p @ Rhinelands 1440p/2160p

Moving on the EA Battlefield V, few frames behind the GTX 1080Ti in 1% lows but 12% slower at the 1440p, on 4K we’re seeing RTX 2070 averaged around 15% slower than GTX 1080Ti as expected. We picked the war-stories mode Rhinelands for the testing and same map for the RTX as well you can see the scores below.

Far Cry 5 Ultra Preset TAA 1440p/2160p

Here we’re testing another UBISOFT title built on very optimized Dunia Engine. Another win for the GTX 1080Ti beating RTX 2070 by 10.5% and 11.5% at 4K.

Final Fantasy XV High Preset 1440p/2160p

Nothing really to say here, as expected GTX 1080Ti is winning by a huge margin roughly 18% and at 4K, RTX 2070 is beaten by 19%.

Forza Horizon 4 Ultra Preset 1440p/2160p

Forza Horizon 4 is an open world racing video game developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios. It’s very GPU bound title we can say, but still out-standing results kudos to the developers for putting their hard-work. RTX 2070 failed to cross 100 FPS barrier at 1440p Roughly 16% slower than GTX 1080Ti. This game ran smoothly on both cards at outstanding lows.

Hitman 2 Max Settings DX11, Whittleton Creek MAP 1440p/2160

We cranked the all settings to the maximum possible, because there are no presets, we choosed the most GPU intensive map Whittleton Creek. A big win for GTX 1080Ti again 22% faster than RTX 2070 and 25% at 4K.

Metro Exodus High Preset Tesselation ON, GW/Physx OFF 1440p/2160p

It has been a game title of quite a bit discussion but we’re not discussing anything except benchmarks. We’ll be brutally honest – the game looks great but on the other hand it’s very demanding game i have ever played. The game-works are turned off and Phyx as well for the fair results. A comprehensive win for the GTX 1080Ti beating RTX 2070 by 20% and both of these cards are struggling at 4K. The mins are awful on both cards. 40ish FPS are still playable in AAA games.

SOTTR High Preset, TAA, DX12 @ Kuwaq Yaku Town 1440p/2160p

GTX 1080Ti is winning by a notice-able margin here roughly 12%. RTX 2070 has better minimum FPS at 1440p but we’re seeing similar results at 4K in minimum’s. GTX 1080Ti is leading by 13% at 4K.

RTX and DLSS Benchmarks and Comparison

Here we’re seeing real time ray-traced global illumination. This title has the ray-tracing global global illumination support unlike the battlefield which has only ray-tracing reflections. Global Illumination helps to light up the scenes. RTX Enabled looks fantastic.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has 3 RTX presets [RTX OFF, RTX HIGH , RTX ULTRA] We tested the RTX HIGH, managed to get nice 40ish FPS. Over-all the performance is smooth and playable. RTX 2070 can easily maintain up to 50+ with DLSS enabled it’s 14% faster.

Battlefield: V

Battlefield V was the first title in the market with the real time ray-traced reflection support. We got 4 RTX presets, Low Medium High Ultra. We picked only two, because there was no big difference. RTX medium is the sweet spot for the users who want to take benefit from the real time ray-traced reflections and don’t want to lose performance. We’re hitting sweet 63 FPS with the RTX medium.

Power, Temperatures and Clocks

We ran 20 loops of Firestrike Ultra, Both these GPU’s are running at stock with max-power and auto-fan speed. EVGA RTX 2070 hitting 70C at out of the box settings.It is the cheapest RTX 2070 dual-fan variant but still surprisingly hitting 70C in our closed bench NZXT S340.

Here is the GPU package consuming 205W considering. Tested at out of the box settings, no adjustments have been done or any tweaking. We recommend atleast 550W 80+ Bronze PSU to have for the RTX 2070.

We’re hitting 1825 average on the core-clock, 1630 MHz is the advertised boost-clock.

Putting it All Together

Look at the performance summary across the 9 games, we have calculated the average numbers. EVGA RTX 2070 Black Edition is roughly 15% slower than the Zotac GTX 1080Ti at 1440p.

EVGA RTX 2070 is 18% slower than GTX 1080Ti at 2160p.

Value and Conclusion

Well, I have so much to discuss here It’s the first RTX card we’re reviewing at PAKPG. We’re putting breaks on our sleepless nights and efforts. EVGA RTX 2070 Black Edition currently available at the MSRP for $499. EVGA’s dual-slot, dual-fan cooler does a great job keeping the card cool with temperatures of only 70°C during heavy-load  It’s the best RTX card you can get for the value. This card has a lot to offer, It is around 14-18% slower than the GTX 1080Ti depending on the resolution. Let’s talk about RTX performance. From the entire RTX range with the three product lines released in my opinion, the GeForce RTX 2070 overall makes the most sense. We were hitting roughly 50 FPS with ray-tracing at high in both Battlefield V and Metro Exodus. DLSS is a surprise, but not recommended at all i’d like to drop the settings to RTX medium than playing with DLSS enabled. You can purchase this card directly from here.


  • Priced at MSRP $499.
  • Decent 4K and 2K Gaming Performance
  • Fans Stop in idle, quiet in gaming
  • Can do RTX @ High at playable FPS.
  • DLSS
  • Not far behind than GTX 1080Ti


  • NO RGB
  • No Backplate
  • Not overclocked out of the box
  • High multi-monitor power consumption

Our Sponsors

We’d like to thank our generous sponsor Games And Geeks (Hafeez Center) for the RTX 2070 Unit. We’re proud to be 
associated with them. See you next time.




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