Bloody M90 Wireless Headphones – Review


In the past few years, wireless earbuds have become immensely popular due to smartphone manufacturers removing the 3.5mm headphone jack to sell their own proprietary earbud solutions. Consequently, consumers buying new cell phones either have to contend with a headphone jack adapter or cut the wires completely by switching over to wireless headphones. Today, we’re reviewing the Bloody M90 Wireless Headphones to see if they’re worth cutting the cords over.

The Bloody M90

These earbuds come packed with a plethora of features including Active Noise Cancelling, Wireless Charging, IP54 dust/water resistance, and touch controls at a price of Rs. 9,000.

Bloody M90

Packaging and Contents

The unboxing experience was surprisingly pleasant as the Bloody M90 came packaged in a big and sturdy box. The minimalistic aesthetic was also appreciated as some companies go overboard with the gaming and marketing jargon on the box.


As the usual branding goes, you have an illustration of the M90s on the front with few features and logos embedded into the cover.

Bloody M90


At the back side, we get our first look at the case holding the earbuds. It further expounds on the features depicted on the front side.

Left side

On the left side, battery related features are illustrated. We’ll take an in-depth look at the claims later.

Right side

On the right side, it gives another overview on the features present on the device.

Lifting the flap

As mentioned earlier, the unboxing experience goes a long way when it comes to the overall user experience and this is further cemented by the premium packaging which can be seen here. Once you lift up the magnetic flap, you’re met with a brief overview and a quick guide on the input.

Bloody M90

Inside the box

While the packaging did surprise us, the contents inside the box are pretty standard.

  • Earbuds
  • Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Spare rubber sleeves (Small and Large – Medium comes fitted)

Build Quality and Design

Right of the bat, I have to appreciate Bloody for keeping the design language simple and discrete with the M90. The plastic charging case follows the typical design that we normally see to house the long pronged ear buds. The case is completely matte black with subtle red metallic accents on the lid and charging port.

Bloody M90

As for the earbuds themselves, the discrete design continues here as well as the Bloody logo is printed in black. In terms of practicality, the M90s are designed to rest within your ear similar to Airpods but they also have a rubber tip which creates an airtight seal within your ear canal.

In terms of durability, they’ve passed my simpleton test where I’ve dropped them countless times while trying to take them out of my pocket.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about bricking them with a light drizzle or in some cases, the barrage of sweat during a workout as they come with a IP54 dust and water resistance rating.

Specifications and features

In terms of features, the Bloody M90 are not lacking in any department as they bring quirks for both gamers and those who simply want to listen to music. The notable features include:

  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Touch Control
  • IP54 dust and water resistance
  • Qi Wireless Charging
  • Separate modes for gaming and music.
  • Independent earbud transmission
  • Bluetooth 5.1

Technical Specifications

Speaker Size10 mm
Frequency Response20 Hz-20 kHz
Earphone Sensitivity102 dB @ -10 dBFS
Mic. Sensitivity-42 dB @1 kHz/Pa
Operation Distance32 Feet
Bluetooth Version 5.1
Earphone 32 ohm
Music Playtime with Single Charge≈4H
Playtime from Charging Case≈24H
Earphone Charging Time<1.5H (0 – 100%)
Case Charging Time<2H (0 – 100%)
Charging Power5V=1A
Charging Case BatteryLithium Battery (500 mAh)
Earphone BatteryLithium Battery (40 mAh)


On my LG V20, I had no issues with connectivity throughout my usage in the past 2 weeks. After the initial pairing, you can simply lift up the lid and the Bloody M90 will connect to the last paired device without a hitch. However, the experience wasn’t that great on my PC, where I was using a third-party dongle that only supports Bluetooth 4.0. Unlike my Xiaomi Airdots, the Bloody M90 did not posit any issues while connecting to my PC but within 5 minutes of playback the audio would become distorted and would drastically slowdown. This issue is attributed to the aforementioned 3rd party dongle as I didn’t encounter this with my laptop.

The range on the Bloody M90 is also decent at 32 feet from the source of audio. I was mostly using the earbuds whilst working and I never encountered a situation where the M90s would disconnect due to the distance as I was moving around the apartment while my cellphone sat firmly on my desk few rooms apart.

Battery Life

Bloody claims the M90s can last 4 hours on a single charge and from our testing, we can concur that this is indeed true. At the time of righting this review, I started the playback on a full charge at 11:38PM and it is currently 4:40AM and the right earbud is still working while the left one ran out of battery 2 minutes ago after screaming battery low for the past 5 minutes. Within the aforemtioned timeframe, the earbuds were inactive for 22 minutes while I was away but they were kept outside of their charging case to avoid juicing them up again. The audio playback comprised of songs on Spotify at the Very High streaming quality via LG V20. However, please note that the playback wasn’t at maximum volume and instead they were configured at 65 volume to match a normal use scenario.

Charging up the Bloody M90 via the case took 1 hour and 42 minutes from a dead state. Whereas charging the case itself from 0% battery took 2 hours and 9 minutes via the provided Type-C cable. I did not have a QI wireless charging pad on hand, so I am unable to comment on the wireless charging speed.

Audio Quality: It’s all about that bass.

If it wasn’t obvious enough from the text plastered all over the box and the website, the Bloody M90 are tuned to provide bass. Personally, I have never been a fan of bass-heavy headphones but I set side my bias while using these earbuds for a course of 2 weeks. In layman terms, the vocals were crystal clear whereas the instruments were easily distinguishable even through the heavy bass. However, if you’re not actively paying attention to the lower notes, you may just miss them. As you would expect, the highs are just fine with these cans. To put it simply, if you are someone who enjoys bass-boosted earphones, these are meant for you. Conversely, if your preference is on the other end of the spectrum, you may need to consider other options.

Gaming Performance

I’m not a competitive person when it comes to mobile games, in fact my skills are akin to a 30 year old with arthritis. However, during my time in PUBG Mobile, I had absolutely no issue in determining where the gunshots or the footsteps were coming from even though mostly I was cramped into a random house while I was trying to figure out the control scheme in the first few matches. I switched the modes back and forth to ascertain if there was any significant difference in the latency whilst playing using the gaming mode, but with my tinnitus ridden ears and poor game play I was unable to find anything particular to report about. In my experience, this mode is for the extremely competitive mobile gamers similar to those FPS players on PC that play on a aspect ratio of 4:3 to gain the maximum amount of advantage.

The Controls

As mentioned before, the Bloody M90 comes with touch controls. As for the positives, the controls are intuitive and you get used to them within few hours of use. I had no issues with the configuration of controls, in fact I actually preferred them over the Xiaomi Airdots. However, the experience of actually making contact with the touchpad was another thing. The touch panels are simply way too small to easily control the Bloody M90 while you’re on the move r you’re swiftly trying to pause the track when someone starts talking to you. I would miss the touch panel area at least 4/10 times and that is one of my biggest reservation towards these earbuds.

Call Quality and Active Noise Cancellation

In order to gauge the call quality and and ANC performance, I decided to relay the duty to the unsuspecting peers of mine whom I called randomly out of the blue and ran them through few questions to ascertain aforementioned factors.

The voice relayed through the microphone is clear in a completely silent environment. However, in noisy conditions the situation takes a toll as the callers can hear the ambient noises such as the ceiling fan when you’re at home or the cars when you’re out and about. The microphone does indeed suppress the background noise whilst you’re speaking but the ambient noise does make it through.

The Active Noise Cancellation is one of the features that sets the Bloody M90 aside from the competition. At this price point, you’re getting wireless earbuds that can block out most of the noise outside. As summers are here, the fans are blaring in my room and they are obviously quite loud. The ANC on the M90 is good but not great. It did a good job in keeping out the fan noise but I could still hear it slight, but they impressed me the most while taking a walk outside on a busy street as the Noise Cancellation turned my bitter walk through a commercial area into a mildly pleasant one where street vendors were not longer shouting directly into my ears. In essence, the ANC isn’t as great as the top dogs, but for the price you’re paying, these are decent.

You can check out our review on the T-Dagger Atlas Gaming Headset: Here

If you’re looking to buy the Bloody M90, you can find them here


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In conclusion, the Bloody M90 are a decent pair of earbuds that are fitted with a number of features including Active Noise Cancelling, QI Wireless Charging, Touch controls, and Water Resistance. They are great in the audio department, as long as you can live with extra bass. Furthermore, the build quality and comfort is also top-notch as you can wear these for hours at a time without feeling any discomfort. The battery life is also good for this price point as it can last 4 hours on a single charge. While music is an important aspect, Bloody also focused on providing a great gaming experience for the mobile gamers, as the dual mode allows you to stream audio at a lower latency at an expense of a slightly lower quality. Additionally, the inclusion of ANC also improves the overall experience. While the Bloody M90 has a lot of positives, there are also few caveats associated with these wireless cans. The touch control needs an improvement as the current positioning is awkward to use. The ENC and call quality could have been better as a majority of people claimed that the voice was muddy while ENC was trying to suppress the ambient noise. If you're looking for wireless earphones that come with Wireless Charging, Active Noise Cancellation, Touch Controls, IP54 Rating, Decent Audio Performance and a Respectable Battery Life, the Bloody M90 are a decent choice for you. However, if you don't necessarily require top-end features like Qi Wireless charging or ANC, you can wait for the cheaper Bloody M70 or M30. Bloody M90 Wireless Headphones - Review

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