Arslan Ash, the Pride of Pakistan and the Greatest Tekken Player Ever


Having been all over the news, it is apparent to everyone how Arslan has just made history by winning EVO 2019 in Las Vegas. The final of the tournament was held between Arslan and Korea’s Knee, another prestigious player in the Tekken who has yet to beat Arslan in a competitive match even once.

Arslan’s journey to EVO started out initially in EVO Japan where he was a a complete underdog and came out of nowhere to defeat every big name player at the championship and eventually winning it all. Despite facing numerous hindrances with acquiring his Japanese visa and actually making it to the arena. Having taken 5 flights and reaching just minutes before his first matchup, Arslan persevered through the pain and still managed to defeat his opponents.

Arslan’s contribution to the Tekken esports scene in Pakistan, having put the country on the map for all to see and showing the world just how good Pakistani players are at fighting games among other genres. It was after EVO Japan that Arslan also went on to win Thaiger Uppercut, one of the biggest championships in Asia, which was followed by his most recent victory at EVO America just 2 days ago. Truly, Arslan has proved his might as possibly the greatest Tekken player to ever embrace the game and is an idol of all Pakistani Gamers.


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